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Essays on self-improvement and music.

A Brief Letter to Music School Students

Dear friend, If you were like me at Juilliard, you started music school last week. If you were like me at the University of Northern Colorado or the Lynn Conservatory, your first day happened in August. Regardless, welcome. You’re in for one hell of a ride. While I'm...

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An Elitist Classical Musician Defends Sports

My mouth is dry. I've just watched Mason Crosby, kicker for the Green Bay Packers, kick a game winning field goal to eliminate my hometown Dallas Cowboys in an NFL playoff game. Time's distorted. My muscles ache, but in a way reminiscent of paralysis more than pain....

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Wells Fargo Hates The Arts? | JH Hot Takes

Today I was made aware of this gem of an advertisement in my news feed: There's no debating the implications of this statement. Saying "An actor today, a botanistYou fucking denigrate acting for botany? Not coder or engineer? What a bizarre logic. At least say...

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