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An Elitist Classical Musician Defends Sports

My mouth is dry. I’ve just watched Mason Crosby, kicker for the Green Bay Packers, kick a game winning field goal to eliminate my hometown Dallas Cowboys in an NFL playoff game. Time’s distorted. My muscles ache, but in a way reminiscent of paralysis more than pain. Even breathing feels out-of-body. See, I thought we […]

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You’re trying to control all the wrong things | JH Reads Books

WHAT YOU’RE GETTING: Installment #1 of JH Reads Books: 1000 words from a great book, and 750 words or less of commentary about how you can relate them to your life. This week’s talking Stumbling on Happiness by Dan Gilbert. Get it on Amazon here. LIFE AFTER GRADUATION IS A PENDULUM constantly swinging between the ecstasy of freedom and […]

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Juilliard Student Body Rickrolls Westboro’s Protest

“They should come more often, honestly.” ~ third-year Juilliard violist Andrea Fortier The past few weeks, I’ve been mostly bedwetting about the election and constantly refreshing FiveThirtyEight (The Donald is at a 33% chance of winning as of 11/3), when I noticed a gem on my Facebook feed:   Whoa. A stunning event, to say the […]

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Our Self-Centered Tragedy

THIS IS A BABY. We all start our lives looking like this–an amorphous blob of skin and appendages that usually manages to look adorable anyway–with some sort of variance on our facial features, skin tones, and decibel projection. We also start our lives with a belief that we fight for the rest of our lives: […]

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The Athlete Vs. The Musician

“He was the greatest of all time, and it has zero to do with what he did inside the ring.” LeBron James ON FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD, Muhammad Ali died at age 74. This statement means different things to different people. For my 23 year old self, Ali’s reign as The Greatest was long before my time, […]

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