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Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Either/Or Myth of Success

I AM RECEIVING MY MASTER OF MUSIC DEGREE in less than two months from today. That’s a big deal. With an impending graduation on the horizon, you get quite a circuit of questions from friends, family, and the strangely chatty man on the subway. By far, the most asked question is the dreadful: “So what […]

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Taste, Bite, Eat #2

I received a lot of nice feedback from my previous post, and received a lot of names superior to my previous iteration of “30/5/20” to name this series. I really liked the suggestion of Taste/Bite/Eat because It’s food-oriented, and I like food. It resembles an actual course of a fancy meal: the amuse-bouche, the appetizer, […]

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30/5/20 – Edition #1

Hi! I’m currently on vacation, so no new long-form posts for the next two weeks. After the insane Steph Curry NBA game on Saturday, I had some great thoughts lined up about sports, but my limited focus has hampered me from giving it justice. One of the cool things about gaining readership on a blog […]

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