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Mailbag: The Secret Sauce of Improvement

One of the great things about putting content into the endless plains of the internet is that–occasionally–people read it! And sometimes, people send me emails saying nice things, which is embarrassingly feel-good. But other times, readers send in questions for advice, and I do my best to respond in kind. A reader last week presented […]

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The Either/Or Myth of Success

I AM RECEIVING MY MASTER OF MUSIC DEGREE in less than two months from today. That’s a big deal. With an impending graduation on the horizon, you get quite a circuit of questions from friends, family, and the strangely chatty man on the subway. By far, the most asked question is the dreadful: “So what […]

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Taste, Bite, Eat #2

I received a lot of nice feedback from my previous post, and received a lot of names superior to my previous iteration of “30/5/20” to name this series. I really liked the suggestion of Taste/Bite/Eat because It’s food-oriented, and I like food. It resembles an actual course of a fancy meal: the amuse-bouche, the appetizer, […]

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30/5/20 – Edition #1

Hi! I’m currently on vacation, so no new long-form posts for the next two weeks. After the insane Steph Curry NBA game on Saturday, I had some great thoughts lined up about sports, but my limited focus has hampered me from giving it justice. One of the cool things about gaining readership on a blog […]

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Dudamel’s Super Bowl Disappointment

ON THE SURFACE, IT’S A FEEL-GOOD STORY: Dudamel’s project, the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA), performed alongside pop giants Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé at Super Bowl 50’s halftime show. When the story broke a couple weeks before the big game, numerous outlets sung praises, proclaiming that it was a “touchdown” for classical music and […]

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